Felt Story: Pete the Cat & His Four Groovy Buttons 

The children love felt stories during circle time. Sometimes I make handmade felts out of their favourite books. This one is by Eric Litwin. The three dimensional felts bring the stories alive. I grabbed the Pete song off YouTube and have been playing it along with the felt. This one involves counting which is always fun and I made the buttons removable so we can count and subtract together along with the song!  I also allow the children to play with my felts during quiet/rest time and often hear them re-telling the stories on their own. 

My Pigeon House

I open up my pigeon house,
And I set all my pigeons free.
They fly around on every side,
‘Til they perch on the highest tree.
And when they return from their merry, merry flight,
They close their eyes and they say, ‘Good night’.

Coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, Coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, coo coo. x 2 

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