Five Pink Jellyfish

The children love this silly finger rhyme. It’s great for transitions because it requires no materials. The children like the sound effects and the drama. Use one hand like a dish and pretend to swish around water in it. Use the other hand as the jellyfish. 

Five pink jellyfish, five pink jellyfish, five pink jellyfish in my dish! But one fell out. Awwwe. 

Four pink jellyfish, four pink jellyfish, four pink jellyfish in my dish! But another one fell out. Awwwwe. 

Repeat until you get to none. 

… But wait, listen! Blub blub blub SPLASH! YAY (clapping). 

One pink jellyfish, one pink jellyfish, one pink jellyfish in my dish. 

…But wait, what’s that? Blub blub blub SPLASH! YAY (clapping). 

Repeat until you get back to five! 


My Pigeon House

I open up my pigeon house,
And I set all my pigeons free.
They fly around on every side,
‘Til they perch on the highest tree.
And when they return from their merry, merry flight,
They close their eyes and they say, ‘Good night’.

Coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, Coo-oo coo, coo-oo coo, coo coo. x 2 

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